Jnt2 task 1

Make sure you insert a lot of screen prints of your reports. I also added a production facility in Latin America at the same time. Before you start the simulation, you should develop a strategy to follow. Oh, you have to do a piece on creativity and innovation. I modeled my balanced scorecard after the sample given in the Managerial Accounting text book beginning on page from a previous class.

This was the longest and most time consuming section of my paper. From the beginning of the simulation I decided to compete with two different companies, so I picked one and used it for my SWOT analysis.

Pick a culture and talk about how it works with your strategic plan. Task 2 starts with asking you about resources. You have to talk about all 10 of the principal managerial components listed in chapter 10 of the Strategic Management text book.

The combination of retailer support and new capacity was my strength for this prompt. I opened by defining tangible and intangible resources and then I identified a resource weakness — in my case retail outlets — and then I spoke about how I attempted to strengthen this weakness.

Check out chapter 5 of the Crafting strategies text book and pick one of the five different strategies to follow — and stick to it.

I also inserted an org chart to show how decisions were made in the organization. My paper was 15 pages long and it passed on the first attempt. I found a great source for this at http: Task 1 starts with you describing your strategy and how effective it was.

The key to success for these two tasks is to insert a lot of snippets from your reports. I inserted 22 snippets, charts, and graphs in task 2. I followed the tip sheet provided by the mentors, which almost seems like a different task at times, but this seems to be what the graders wanted.

I would also try not to follow the rubric and the task too closely Weird, huh. This was a good lead in for the next two prompts because I was able to use snippets from the financial reports showing how poorly I was doing with just a few retail outlets, and how much improvement I made after I increased the number of outlets.

JNT2 - Task 1 (Needs Analysis) Marty DeWindt. 05/15/ Summary of Instructional Problem.

I teach 5th grade math and I have found that many of my students do not understand fractions and decimals, and how they are related. Students need to understand that fractions and decimals are two different representations of the same concept.

I believe. Lit 1 Task 1 LIT 1 Task 1 PART A Sole Proprietorship Sole Proprietorship is a business owned by one person, as distinguished from a partnership or Corporation. There was a problem previewing this document.


JHT2 Strategic Management Tasks 1 &2

JNT2-Task 1 Needs Analysis Debra Cronnelly Master of Education, Instructional Design Western Governors University Using a common core aligned math assessment (PARCC. However. JNT2 Task 1 Essay mastering mathematical concepts at any level.

The learning environment is a fourth grade inclusion classroom in a neighborhood school in the suburban Washington, D.C. (Maryland) area. 1 Classroom Technology at Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) Charles Rich Student ID: Assessment Code: JNT2—Task 1 (Needs Analysis) Course Mentor: Dr.

Michele Costanza Student Mentor: Samantha Spears April 17, Classroom technology at .

Jnt2 task 1
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